GoTrust Security Key

Idem Key

What the New York Times said about GoTrust: “The GoTrust Idem Key is a no-frills choice that did well in testing and has good onboarding materials for new users.”

Unlock Seamless Security: The GoTrust Idem Key

In today’s digital age, the protection of your online presence is not just an option—it’s a necessity. Enter the GoTrust Idem Key, your steadfast ally in the realm of cybersecurity. This compact yet mighty 2-factor authentication key is designed to fortify your online accounts against the ever-evolving threats of unauthorized access and cyber attacks. With its dual USB and NFC functionalities, it’s the universal key to safeguarding your digital life.

FIDO2 L2: A New Standard in Security

Pioneering in its field, the GoTrust Idem Key is the first to achieve the FIDO2 security level 2 certification. This accolade isn’t just a badge; it’s your assurance of seamless compatibility and unmatched security across a spectrum of platforms and services. From Google Chrome to Apple ID, Azure AD, AWS, and beyond—this key is your gateway to a protected online experience, endorsed by the tech titans themselves.

USB-A & NFC: Flexibility Meets Convenience

Designed with versatility in mind, the GoTrust Idem Key slots effortlessly into USB-A ports, making it a breeze to secure access to registered services. And for those who live on the go, the key’s NFC capability transforms your smartphone or tablet into a touch-and-authenticate secure access device. Whether you’re tapping into your email or your cloud storage, it’s as simple as tap, authenticate, and you’re in.

Robustness Redefined

With the GoTrust Idem Key, durability is not an afterthought. Certified IP68 for water and dust resistance, it’s built to endure the elements and the accidents of everyday life. Its tamper-resistant and crush-resistant design ensures that your digital key to security remains intact, no matter what life throws at it.

Versatility at Your Fingertips

The GoTrust Idem Key is more than just a key; it’s a multi-protocol maestro. From FIDO2 and U2F to OTP and PIV, this key speaks the language of various authentication protocols, ensuring that you have the robust, hardware-based security you need, regardless of the application.

Expert Endorsements

Don’t just take our word for it; the New York Times’ Wirecutter Blog praises the GoTrust Idem Key as a “no-frills choice that did well in testing and has good onboarding materials for new users.” It’s not just a key; it’s your peace of mind, simplified and secured.

In a world where digital security is paramount, the GoTrust Idem Key is not just an accessory—it’s an essential. Secure your online presence today and step into a safer digital tomorrow.