Safer Students. Better Learning.

Take your digital learning program to new heights with GoGuardian, the most powerful all-in-one suite to manage your school’s 1:1 technology.

Create safe & effective learning environments with GoGuardian’s Smart Filtering.

GoGuardian’s  team of engineers and data scientists have built the next-generation of filtering, and the results are astounding. Only GoGuardian technology can help determine the meaning and intent of student browsing activity, making more effective decisions about what to allow, block, or notify. GoGuardian’s proprietary neural network continuously understands context within the browser.

GoGuardian Admin 2.0

Continuously Scans the Browser

Other filters only see encrypted content or scan for keywords once. Smart Filtering continuously filters actual content within the document object model  on the millisecond level.

Scales with the Internet

The internet contains over 3 billion websites, adding 500 new ones every minute. Smart Filtering gets stronger where URL filters can’t keep up.

Reads beyond the Domain

Nearly 20% of explicit browsing occurs within educational sites your teachers rely on like Google Docs.4 Smart Filtering reads more than the URL.

On and Off-Campus Filter

Protect students wherever they are with intelligent cloud-based filtering that learns and adapts.

Intelligent Monitoring

Receive up to 100x fewer false positives and feel confident opening up the web.

Theft Recovery

Geolocation and serial info makes discovering lost or stolen devices easier.

GoGuardian Admin is a filtering, monitoring, and classroom management Chromebook software for Technical Directors, IT administrators, or other technology staff in your school district. Protect and manage online student behavior while building safe and effective digital learning.
Empower teachers with greater classroom control and student monitoring capabilities with GoGuardian Teacher, a classroom management software. Get a demo today!

Granular Filter Control

Flexible filter settings and auto-categorization for apps, YouTube videos and comments, and wildcarding.

GoGuardian Teacher

More Teaching, Less Managing

With GoGuardian Teacher, you can focus on helping your students instead of policing their devices.

Engage with Your Students

Keep your students on-task and let them know help is just a click away.

Screen View + Snapshots

See what your students are working on now or in the past.

Browser Control

Open & close tabs, lock screens, and share links.

Teacher/Student Chat

Enable 1:1 chat to help coach your students in a Session.

Custom Learning Scenes

Limit web access or autoopen tab sets for lessons.

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