Content Keeper

ContentKeeper Web Filtering and Security Platform

ContentKeeper’s scalable Web Filtering and Security Platform gives schools the comprehensive set of tools they need to allow safe access to valuable educational content across all browsers and devices both on and off campus.


Manage SSL traffic, allow access to social media and embrace mobility in your school without slowing your network!


Affordable & Scalable

Manage increased bandwidth demands, reduce costs and eliminate third-party hardware and software compatibility issues with an intelligent, Layer 2 Load Balancer in a solution built for multi-gigabit network environments.

Consistent Device Management

Ensure consistent user authentication, policy-based filtering and reporting on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iPads and other devices used on and off campus.

Consistent Device Management

Inspect, filter and control SSL-encrypted traffic at multi-gigabit speeds to monitor activity in detail, manage policies and ensure CIPA compliance.

Real-Time Alerting & Detection

Monitor online traffic and suspicious activity using intelligent SSL inspection and behavior intent analysis to mitigate threats to students, including bullying, suicides, or other planned violent activities.

Monitoring & Reporting

Maintain compliance and enforce accountability with in-depth monitoring and granular reporting that’s simple to access and use

Expert Tech Support

Get the help you need, when you need it from our experienced tech support specialists and engineers who understand the security needs specific to school districts.

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