WatchGuard Network Security

WatchGuard offers the most comprehensive portfolio of security services in the industry, from traditional intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus, application control, spam prevention, and URL filtering, to more advanced services for protecting against evolving malware, ransomware, and data breaches. Each security service is delivered as an integrated solution within an easy-to-manage and cost-effective Firebox appliance.

WatchGuard, formally known as WatchGuard Technologies, Inc is a Seattle, Washington-based network security vendor. Its products are designed to protect computer networks from outside threats such as malware and ransomware.

The company was founded in 1996.

WatchGuard Lion

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Whether you have a single location, a small chain of outlets, or thousands of locations around the world, WatchGuard has an appliance that’s right for your environment. We offer a full portfolio of Firebox security solutions in both tabletop and 1U rackmount models.

Enterprise-Grade Security

At WatchGuard, we believe that every organization, large or small, should have access to the most effective security technologies on the market. Our unique product architecture enables customers to leverage best-in-class security services from the industry’s most respected brands, minus the cost and complexity of multiple single-point solutions.


At WatchGuard we believe simplicity is the key
to successful adoption of technology. As such,
all of our products are not only easy to initially
configure and deploy, they are also designed with an emphasis on centralized management, making ongoing policy and network management simple and straight- forward. Security is complex, running it doesn’t have to be.


Adoption of a single security scanning service is no longer an effective network security strategy. Organizations must take a layered approach
to security when it comes to protecting their networks. Other manufacturers might offer faster throughput for one single security technology, but we engineered WatchGuard’s platform to deliver the fastest throughput when it matters – with all security engines turned on.


When it comes to network security, seeing is knowing, and knowing leads to action. WatchGuard’s award-winning visibility tools – both WatchGuard Cloud Visibility and the on-premises solution Dimension – enable busy IT managers to instantly identify and take action to resolve potential network security threats.


WatchGuard’s unique product architecture makes it quick and easy for our team to add new, innovative network security services to our UTM offerings faster than the competition. That same architecture makes it just as easy for us to upgrade or change our existing services as technologies evolve and best practices change – something that would be a massive and time-consuming development project for any of our competitors.

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  • Firebox M5600 (1501-7500 Users)

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