Monitor & Protect
Every Device

With Relay, you get the insights you need to understand and maximize the use of student devices, keep users safe and increase the educational return on your technology investments. Relay has everything you need to make decisions to enhance technology use, report up to administrators, present to the board, reassure concerned parents, empower teachers, and direct students on appropriate use.


Track usage and activity to ensure devices are used appropriately and effectively


Manage web access, YouTube, and social media to keep students safe and on track.


Stop inappropriate behavior by identifying and remediating high-risk web activities.


Stop inappropriate behavior by identifying and remediating high-risk web activities.

Why Schools Love Relay

Filtering at Home

Allowing students to take their Chromebooks home. But you need to filter those devices even when they’re off your school network. Relay makes it easy with end-to-end protection, wherever the devices go. Plus, features like After School Rules allow you to change your policies when devices are at home. 

Simple SSL Handling

Decrypting SSL traffic for critical reporting (like Google terms searched and YouTube videos watched) used to be a challenge. No more! Relay gives you all this insight with no proxy, no PAC files, and no certificates.


Powerful Reporting

Sure, you need your filter to block inappropriate activity. But the reports are where you’ll spend your time. With Relay, you’ll know how devices are being used so you can keep all your users on track.


Real-Time Alerts

You’ve put the power of the internet in your students’ hands. Now you need to keep them safe! Relay’s customizable, real-time alerts on dangerous activity (like documents about suicide, or searches about bombs or guns) ensure your students are protected and you’re in control. 

The Convenience of the Cloud

With Relay, you can skip the hardware and enjoy the benefits of the cloud: get set up in minutes, enjoy automatic enhancements and fixes, and get limitless scalability, redundancy, privacy and security.


Empowered Teachers

Those Chromebooks are being used in classrooms across your district. Empower teachers with screen monitoring, device locks, screen broadcast, link/file share, and a lot more. (This is included at no additional cost!)

Saves Money

With Relay, you’ll maximize use of the devices for big educational benefits. You’ll also save money with a single SAAS platform, Device Detective to locate lost and stolen devices, and cost-saving life-of-device pricing.


Different Policies for Different Groups

Relay makes it easy to set different policies by group, user, day/time, and more. Give older students more access, limit students who try to circumvent your AUP, open up sites on weekends — (and it just takes a second).

Easy to Use

Save time with every task, change, or report, thanks to Relay’s intuitive, user-friendly interface


Easy to Set Up, Quick Results

Even though school has started, it’s not too late to get Relay! It only takes a couple of minutes to get it set up and running.


Relay Classroom

  • Automated Teacher Assistance
  • Immediate Insights
  • At-a-Glance Activity Overview
  • Web Zones
  • Screen Viewing and Recording
  • Easy Communication With Students
  • Device Controls