Protect Endpoints and Organizations from Compromise

Cylance uses artificial intelligence to deliver prevention-first, predictive security products and specialized security . With AI based malware prevention, application and script control, memory protection, device policy enforcement, root cause analysis, threat hunting, automated threat detection and response, coupled with expert security services, Cylance can protect endpoints without increasing staff workload or costs.

How it Works

CylancePROTECT consists of a lightweight agent installed on the host and managed by a Cylance cloud console. CylancePROTECT’s malware execution control will detect and prevent malware using tested mathematical models, independent of cloud connectivity, signatures, trustbased systems, or behavioral analysis.

Full-Spectrum Threat Prevention

  • Identifies and blocks malicious executables
  • Controls where, how, and who can execute scripts
  • Manages the usage of USB devices, prohibiting unauthorized devices from being used
  • Eliminates the ability for attackers to use fileless malware attack techniques on protected endpoints
  • Prevents malicious email attachments from detonating their payloads
  • Predicts and prevents successful zero-day attacks


True Zero-Day Prevention
Resilient AI model prevents zero-day payloads from executing.

AI Driven Malware Prevention
Field-proven AI inspects any application attempting to execute on an endpoint before it executes.

Script Management
Maintains full control of when and where scripts are run in the environment.

Device Usage Policy Enforcement
Controls which devices can be used in the environment, eliminating external devices as a possible attack vector.

Memory Exploitation Detection and Prevention
Proactively identifies malicious use of memory (fileless attacks) with immediate automated prevention responses.

Application Control for Fixed-Function Devices
Ensures fixed-function devices are in a pristine state continuously, eliminating the drift that occurs with unmanaged devices.

Cylance predicts and prevents cyberattacks on the endpoint in real time using pre-execution artificial intelligence and machine learning combined with memory, script, application, and device protection.


Superior Protection
Stops more than 99% of all threats, including ransomware, fileless malware,
viruses, trojans, and more.

Amazing Performance with Low Resource Usage
Consumes very little system resources — up to 10 times less
than legacy AV solutions.

Simple, Scalable, and Easy To Manage
Cloud-based management means no servers, no signature updates,
and minimal infrastructure to maintain.